The Richest Men on Earth

The Richest Men on Earth (this requires being specific to determine the research question)

*General corrections- the final essay requires headings as the main points

How is wealth measured anyway (this question is essential)? Have you ever wondered who the richest man on earth is? When answering this question, it is essential to develop a, (/comma) selection criteria/ criterion that would help define what type of wealth one had in terms of money, resources, inheritance, or rich backgrounds, as grounds for the label, ‘The richest man on earth.” In that case, the discussion on the richest men on earth does not consider people in royalty, those with rich backgrounds, inheritance, and those in political positions. The richest men position exclusively involves calculating fortunes and net worth of billionaire businesspeople. Moreover, new paragraph, a comparison is made on the richest men historically and in the contemporary world, to understand who really the richest man on earth is.

Over the years, the net worth of millionaires and billionaires has been rising exponentially, hence, destabilizing those that hold the first position. According to Forbes, five top-ranked billionaires make up the list of some of the richest namely, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Amancio Ortega. Historically and during the medival history, Mansa Musa, August Caesar, Zhao Xu, Akbar I, and Andrew Carnegie can be described (missing as) the richest men that have lived. Among the five, this essay also compares Jeff Bezos and Mansa Musa, as the richest men on earth. The wealthiest men on earth have diverse sources of wealth ranging from business related (add -) activities and societal trade control (missing,) especially during (add the ) medieval period. This has resulted in different perceptions of wealth between modern elites and medieval powerful (influential) personnel. (the thesis statement is rather vague)

Primarily, as of Forbes 2020 list, Jeff Bezos was ranked as the richest man globally, a decision developed through a consensus of Forbes and Bloomberg in their ‘The World’s Billionaires’ and ‘Billionaires Index and Forbes’ respectively (Forbes, 2020). Bezos has a net worth of $140.5 billion acquired from his businesses as the CEO of Amazon, where he facilitates entrepreneurship and e-commerce pioneering through his company. Bezos also owns the Washington Post, a newspaper and founder of Blue Origin, a space exploration company. Through Amazon Company, Bezos has integrated diverse business opportunities running across industries and reported an annual revenue of $280.5 billion in the fiscal year of 2019. Second in place as the second richest man on earth is Bill Gates. He is a self-made billionaire and long standing (hyphen) with a net worth of $102.4 billon. Bill Gates is not only a rich man but a famous philanthropist known and recognized internationally through Microsoft. Gates is a co-founder of Microsoft, which is the largest and biggest (most prominent)  software company globally; and he partially owns Redmond. Much of his wealth is managed effectively through Cascade Investments, whereby Microsoft report (ed) s an annual revenue of $125.8 billion in 2019.

Third in the list is Bernard Arnaut & family, a businessperson and CEO of Louis Vuitton, a brand every rich and people in higher social stats wish to be associated with. He has a net worth of $92.4 billion with the LVMH being the source of all this wealth. The company is from France with fame from making very luxurious goods and products, including leather handbags, watches, champagne, and jewelry (Cannon, 2019). His wealth keeps growing due to the increasing annual revenue of his company, which as of 2019, reports an annual revenue of € 53.7 billion. Fourth in place is Warren Buffet, who prides his wealth from Berkshire Hathaway, a total net worth of $72.5 billion. He is the largest shareholder in the investment group that owns over 60 multinational companies globally (Cannon C. e., 2019). The investment group of companies owns over $254.6 billion, which is increasing daily. Finally, in the list is Larry Ellison, a founder of Oracle, a software developing company, with a net worth of $64.5 billon. Out of these five richest men in the modern world, Bezos tops leaving Gates, who is in the second position with $38.1 billion.

Historically, as outlined above, Mansa Musa, Augustus Caesar, Zhao Xu, Akbar I, and Andrew Carnegie are described as the richest men that have lived. Mansa was described as the golden king and lived during the 14th century from 1280-1337. He was the crowned king of the Mali Empire, whose wealth was indescribable, but in the modern world, the net worth is estimated to $415 trillion. The source of wealth was mostly acquired during his reign, where he had annexed 24 cities, owned over 2,000 ships, thousands of men, slaves, and women. During his reign, he controlled and accounted for half of the world’s gold mining and trade. Gold trading centers were mostly in his kingdom territories, which helped me-him harness the gold wealth easily (Mohamud, 2019). Second in place was Augustus Caesar, the famous Roman emperor who lived 63 BC- 14AD, and ruled from 27 BC until his death. According to research, Caesar’s wealth was almost 20% of the empire’s overall economy an estimate of $4.63 trillion in the modern world. He actually owned Egypt, making his a very rich (wealthy) and famous man in history.

Third in position was Zhao Xu, commonly known as Emperor Shenzong of Song, who ruled 1048-1085 in China. During his reign, he controlled about 30% of the entire GDP, not only in his country but globally. In the modern world, the amount is equivalent to $30 trillion and (remove and use -) plus. Through his policies, Zhao used his power to collect taxes among his citizens and maximize on his wealth. Nevertheless, during his reign, his citizens’ lives were highly improved and his kingdom could be described as a welfare state in the contemporary world. Akbar I, on the other hand, prides his wealth from the lavish lifestyle sponsored by his emperor status. He ruled large use vast miles of Indian territories and during that period of 1542-1605, controlled about 25% of GDP, internationally. In the modern world, this amounts to approximately, $21 trillion. Finally, Andrew, a Scottish and American industrialist, was a rich man during his period 1835-1919, which is 19th (add the) and 20th centuries. His net worth in the modern world would be $337 billion, which he prides from his massive investment in the USA’s steel industry. Concisely, the richest man during these historical periods was Mansa Musa followed closely by Augustus Caesar, with a gap of wealth equivalent to $411.63 trillion, such a wide gap.

Analyzing the richest men on earth from medieval periods and those of modern world results in similarities and differences. Major similarities discovered from this analysis of the richest men very ever lived lived include similar genders and power status. Primarily, it is clear that men top the list and label of the richest men on earth both during the mediaeval history and during the modern world. For instance, the wealthiest of the five people are Bezos and Mansa, who are both men; moreover, all other people in the lists are all men. Secondly, these men hold the top most or executive positions, with their sources of wealth highly influencing not only national economies but also global GDPs and economies. Major contrast and differences between the richest men in the modern world and those of medieval period include higher wealth status among those in mediaeval period, different sources of wealth, and power status. Richest men in the medieval period sourced their wealth form empire and monarch related actives. For instance, Mansa acquired his wealth from gold trading activities of Mali Empire while emperors in China and India controlled international GDP, as sources of their wealth. However, in the modern world, richest men have business oriented add hyphen sources, where thy extract their wealth from their business ideas and investments. Moreover, historically, wealthy men held political positions while today, they are business oriented.

The wealthiest men on earth according (add,) to this comparison and analysis, are Jeff Bezos and Mansa Musa. The purpose of this research was to not only mention five of the richest men ever lived, that is in the contemporary and medieval periods, but also compare the top richest of all time, and conclude on the richest man on earth. To begin with, Mansa Musa’s wealth, as identified above, was indescribable, but amounts to at least $ 415 trillion, a breathtaking amount of wealth. Even with the Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is $140.5 billion, it is impossible to not (not to) realize how wealthy and powe4rful Musa must have been. Mansa owned half of Mali Empire’s gold trades and wealth, as the king. His power and political position granted him an unlimited access to any type of world through trade activities and channels that were conducted both internally and externally. On the other hand, Jeff Bezos, as briefly stated above, has a net worth of $140.5 billion, ranked and named the richest man on earth today in 2020. His wealth is sourced from numerous entrepreneurial and investment activities. For instance, he is the owner and founder of Amazon, the world’s largest, powerful, and successful perpetrator of digital economy, as an online marketplace. In addition to Amazon, Bezos invests in real estate business, he owns Blue Origin a space exploration company, and the diversity in Amazon plays the most important/ crucial  role in his wealth.

Both Mansa and Bezos have similarities seen form their status as the richest men of their time, have trade activities as their primary sources of wealth, and invest in education highly as a strategy to enforce change and maximize sustainable wealth. It is without doubt that Bezos and Mansa are the richest men on earth so far, as seen from this analysis. Probably over time, many other billionaires and trillionaires will develop, emerge, and surpass the record set by these two individuals. Until then, the richest man on earth are Mansa Musa and Jeff Bezos. Secondly, the main/primary sources of their wealth is/are trading activities they are involved in, even though the manifestation is different. Bezos invests highly in online economy that he has expanded and diversified to serve a wide base of industries through the integration of advanced technology. In the contemporary world, technological advancements have become opportunities and threats to not only businesses but also are termed as potential sources of personal wealth. Investing in this technology increases sources of profits due to the changing human needs and wants. Therefore, when Bezos aligns the IS/IT strategy with Amazon’s business models, products, and services, he harnesses the most profitable/valuable source of wealth in the contemporary world. Concisely, through Amazon and other companies he owns, Bezos is an entrepreneur who finds opportunities in trading activities.

On the other hand, Mansa Musa obtained his wealth from gold trading seen in his empire. During that period, Gold was equivalent to the value and monetary benefits accorded to technology. This means that any empire that held the highest gold trading centers, were most likely the richest empires. Besides, even today, gold is a symbol of wealth, monetary wealth, and its rare nature makes it expensive in markets. Mansa owned half of the gold trading activities and they earned him much wealth, in addition to his unlimited access. Trading with gold even in the modern world, according to forex trading news, gold is described as a safe haven asset, whose value increases due to economic volatility and market uncertainties. Add it seems that the value gold holds has not changed even during Mansa’s period. Finally, both these wealthy men hold high value in education and knowledge acquisition as a means to sustain their wealth. Mansa encouraged development through scholars of art, architecture, literature, and development with the aim to place Mali on global maps and be recognized. Today Mali is a sovereign country, showing aspects of sustainability. In terms of his wealth, Mansa funded education, architecture, and economies to expand his sources of wealth, hence, gaining the unlimited access to wealth. Bezos, on the other hand, used his degree and knowledge in computer science to develop an online marketplace through advanced technologies and cloud computing aspects.

Both Mansa and Bezos have differences seen form their journeys to acquire wealth, positions held, and ranks. Mansa acquired his wealth and king position, when his brother, the rightful heir of the Mali Empire decided to travel, navigate, and find new worlds. When he did not return, Mansa became king, hence his unlimited access to wealth and gold caravans. Bezos, however, acquired his wealth through entrepreneurship, where he started Amazon Company. Unlike, Mansa, Bezos did not have an extremely wealthy background and family, hence, showing the difference in wealth journeys. In addition, Mansa held a political position but Bezos is an influential economic mogul. Finally, Bezos is alive and continues to expand his wealth sources, investments, but is susceptible to fluctuations, where other rich men such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates can surpass him. However, Musa Mansa remains the richest man of his time, a position that will never be taken away.

Measuring and comparing fortune and wealth between medieval and modern richest men is faced with numerous challenges due to the difference in nature and sources of wealth. For instance, as identified in the differences, medieval rich men seem to acquire and sources their wealth from state related (hyphen) platforms while in the modern world, only business related (hyphen) activities. In that case, differentiating and separating wealth of the empires and monarchs from state and personal wealth among medieval rich men was difficult (delicate). Secondly, as discovered, many rich men historically sourced their wealth from GDP control and acquiring wealth and GDP data from those periods becomes scarce and challenging. Concisely, wealthiest men in medieval period extracted their wealth from societies, empires, and monarchies, while today, wealthiest men source from businesses, making them economically powerful.

Clearly, wealth measurement and fortune determination can be challenging especially (mainly) because sources of wealth vary during medieval and modern worlds. However, from research, medieval powerful leaders seems remove s to have been the richest men on earth, as the equivalent net worth shows they ranged at trillions, which is different, as the richest man on earth today, is a billionaire. Overly, wealth and fortune are the preferred American dream of every person, which is why researching this topic, enlightens on which sources of wealth are better to invest in, in future, for personally dream realization.



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