Solved: 6B. Let’s connect the themes of the three readings and the lecture for this week to talk about how the

6B. Let’s connect the themes of the three readings and the lecture for this week to talk about how the ways feminist literature has influenced contemporary thinking? In your first post, share what you see the main themes or issues that were important the writer of at least one of the following feminist works: The Outside by Susan Glaspell (audio available in the lecture) A Society by Virginia Woolf The Solitude of Self by Elizabeth Cady Stanton Be sure to reference the specific elements of at least one of the readings or audio in your response. We’ll follow up as a class to connect these historical issues to present-day discussions of women and society.

Expert Answer

The opening factor of feminist theology is females�s expertise, and the rejection of �patriarchy� (the constitution of society whereby men rule women). Ladies, it is argued, will best emerge as truly human, with the ending of patriarchy. The Bible is a patriarchal textual content through and via. Some feminist theologians regard the entire textual content as toxic, others feel that there’s a core of beneficial educating that can be retrieved. In looking again over church historical past, many feminists task the sexism of, for instance, the early church fathers and reformers, and so they search to get better the �hidden historical past� of ladies. Surveying the discipline of educational theology, many would argue that it is and has been a �male-defined� mission.

Theology way learn of God; the word theo is a masculine kind. Some feminists today decide upon to speak of gain knowledge of of thea – female kind – hence thealogy. Some believe in one God/dess; others in a plurality of goddesses; others nonetheless that G*d can not be named or identified – but that whoever G*d is, s/he is in all matters and in us too – we look inside to seek out it/her.

There is a enormous range amongst feminist theologians. Some see themselves as within the orthodox Christian subculture. They regard themselves as continuing a prophetic tradition of calling believers again to respectable religion (in this case a renunciation of sexism). Others view the Christian culture as so hopelessly compromised that the one solution is an exodus out of patriarchal religion to the older �goddess� culture of pre-Jewish/Christian paganism.

The nineteenth century noticed the beginnings of feminist theology, as part of the traditional outworking of the feminist action. Elizabeth Cady Stanton�s the lady�s Bible was once published in 1895 and1898. Just as equal rights for females have been demanded in phrases of education, employment and the law, so also equal rights have been sought within the Church. By the point of Vatican II, many individuals argued that for the reason that in lots of sections of the Church ladies could not be ordained the Church was once sexist and must reform.

Greatly speakme, the feminist biblical theologians of in these days are from a liberal reformist feminist subculture – which traditionally minimised the diversities between the sexes and argued for �equal possibilities� within the Church. Feminist put up-biblical theologians are more likely to think affinity with radical (�romantic�) feminists, who’re at ease celebrating the differences between the sexes. The variants between feminist theologians are nearly endless, and there are distinct traditions among Black, Hispanic and Asian ladies. This can be a simplistic and selective list ranging from essentially the most conservative to probably the most radical – there’s some overlap between categories 3, 4 and 5.

1 Evangelical feminists
would verify the authority of the Bible and the truth of the historical creeds. Many would argue for �gender impartial� language to be used in translating the Bible, and a few would hold that there is mutual subordination within the Trinity. They reject any hierarchy or order within the relationships between guys and ladies. The fine and most contemporary resume of current egalitarian considering is the symposium Discovering Biblical Equality, eds. Pierce, Groothius and price (IVP, 2005).

2 Biblical feminists
would confirm the usefulness of the Bible as a supply, but in denying the authority of the entire canon and asserting a �canon inside the canon� they stand within the liberal tradition. They are critical of the Christian subculture, however want reform from inside. Examples comprise: Rosemary Radford Ruether (see under) and Elizabeth Shussler Fiorenza (see beneath).

3 publish-biblical feminists
would reject the authority of the Bible altogether, and actually would regard so much of it as poisonous, shot by way of with patriarchal values. Examples incorporate Mary Daly (see beneath) and Daphne Hampson (see below).

Four Goddess feminists
rejoice their own divinity (variously one or many; male and female or simply feminine; some believe in an �specific� deity, some believe in an �archetype�) with their own rituals. Some revere Gaia, the spirit that animates the natural world. For the duration of the Seventies many in mainstream devout feminism adopted paganism as their spirituality. They looked again to a �golden age� of human society where matriarchal religion prevailed. Such considering used to be adapted from Germanic romantic anthropological theories that imagined matriarchy as a universal state of civilization earlier than patriarchy. (any such view of the past has been discredited, however Goddess feminists are frequently unashamed about using �wish-craft� in envisaging the earlier that they imagine to were excellent). Carol Christ has written Rebirth of the Goddess – a style of systematic thealogy.

5 Wicca feminists
see themselves within the lifestyle of those who comply with �the craft� (ie. Witch craft). Feminist Wicca is a subgroup within the broad category of Goddess faith (see above). Wicca is a european earth religion, honouring a female and male deity. (Wicca adherents are to be exceptional from Satanists. Satanism is a �black� type of �reversed� Christianity in which the satan is worshipped). Zsuzsanna E. Budapest, who has written a few books on witchcraft, says �a witch is a girl or man who considers the earth to be a dwelling being � to be regarded and revered as God herself. To be a witch, you have to see your self as part of God, who is gift in, no longer separate from us.� Miriam Starhawk is a feminist pagan witch, who, consistent with her website, �travels internationally educating magic, the tools of formality, and the skills of activism�. Her e-book The Spiral Dance (1979) is viewed a key textual content within the neo-pagan motion and has been translated into at least seven languages.
Main feminist theologians
1 Mary Daly
Mary Daly, a Catholic with degrees in philosophy and theology, visited Rome in 1965 hoping that Vatican II would convey about reforms which would herald bigger equality for women within the Catholic Church. She was once completely annoyed, and, in response wrote The Church and the 2d intercourse (new york 1968). Disillusionment with institutional Christianity then led her to reject mainstream Christianity altogether. Beyond God the father (London 1973) repudiated the concept of �Father God�. The symbol of �Father God� is spawned in the human creativeness. �If God is male, then the male is God.� Such anthropomorphizing of God is demonic, and the naming of God as a noun is easily to murder �God� as a verb, as �Be-ing�, a force or power. The �God of explanation� (the notion that God has a plan); the �God of otherworldliness� (the emphasis on the following existence) and the �God who’s the choose of sin� are, argues Daly, idols that have got to be dethroned. Daly claims the correct to call (create?) her own Deity � �To exist humanly is to call the self, the sector and God�.

In her 1/3 book, Gyn-Ecology: The metaethics of Radical Feminism (Boston, 1978), she rejected the time period �God� altogether, as it will possibly by no means be cleansed from male/masculine imagery. Her next book, Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy (Boston, 1984) known as women to connect with their wild side and ignore taboos imposed by way of �phallocracy�s fabrications/fictions�. Feminine spirituality is excellent expressed in witchcraft/paganism. This theme persisted in Webster�s First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language (Boston, 1987) which condemned every facet of conservative theology as demonic. She regards the Incarnation of Christ as the �symbolic legitimation of the rape of all women and all subject.� Her subsequent work Outercourse: The Bedazzling Voyage Containing Recollections from my Logbook of an intensive Feminist thinker (San Francisco, 1992) promotes eco-feminist witchcraft.

Mary Daly is most often the pleasant recognized submit-Christian, indeed anti-Christian thea/logian. She was a professor in the department of Theology at the Jesuit Boston institution, except she used to be pressured to retire because of her refusal to admit males to her classes on feminism.

2 Daphne Hampson
Dr Hampson is Professor Emerita of Divinity at St Andrews college, and travelling Fellow at Clare corridor, Cambridge. Author of Theology and Feminism (Oxford, 1990), she is �put up-Christian� as she rejects the particularity of Christianity. She argues that Christianity and feminism are incompatible: �an observant pal as soon as remarked that whereas Christian feminists need to exchange the actors within the play, what i want is another style of play.� For Hampson, Christianity can not be ethical, for the reason that it is irretrievably sexist. She summarized her perspective in a lecture in 1997: �i’m a Western man or woman, dwelling in a publish?Christian age, who has taken some thing with me from Christian thinkers, but who has rejected the Christian fable. Certainly I wish to go quite a bit additional than that. The myth shouldn’t be neutral; it is incredibly damaging. It is a high-quality, subtle, elaborate, male cultural projection, calculated to legitimize a patriarchal world and to permit guys to search out their way inside it. We have to see it for what it’s. However for myself i’m a spiritual individual, not an atheist . . . I am really clear there’s an underlying goodness, beauty and order; that it’s powerful, such that we can draw on it, while we are inter?Associated with it. I name that God.�

three Rosemary Radford Ruether
Rosemary Radford Ruether�s doctorate was once in classics and patristics (Claremont Graduate school, California). As a young wife, she determined the tough line taken with the aid of the Catholic church on contraception to be utterly unacceptable. It seemed above all insupportable in instances of dire poverty, similar to had been determined in regional Mexico. Throughout the mid Nineteen Sixties she antagonistic Catholic educating on contraception, however quickly widened her assault to the ingrained sexism of the church. She grew to become concerned within the battle for civil rights for black americans, and recognized with the liberation theology espoused by means of some Latin American theologians. Her guide Liberation Theology: Human Hope Confronts Christian historical past and American power (1972) attacked the Christian way of life anyplace it discriminated towards Jews, blacks, women and Latin americans. Unlike Daly, who rejected mainstream Christianity altogether, Ruether desired reform from within. Nevertheless, she too finally gave up on the institutional church, calling women to leave and kind �women-Church�, and to incorporate goddess worship into their liturgy, as in women-Church: Theology and follow of Feminist Liturgical Communities (big apple, 1985) and Gaia and God: An EcoFeminist Theology of Earth medication (London 1992). She dislikes the �linear� religions of Judaism and Christianity, preferring the cyclical patterns of nature and fertility religions.

Ruether�s most influential ebook thus far is Sexism and God talk: in the direction of a Feminist Theology (London, 1983/2002). It presents her normal thesis: �The principal precept of feminist theology is the promoting of the full humanity of ladies. Whatever denies, diminishes or distorts the whole humanity of women is, consequently, appraised as not redemptive.’

Ruether has lectured at Yale and Harvard, she now lectures at the Pacific institution of Theology, and she has authored or edited countless books.

Four Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza
Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza is Professor of Divinity at Harvard. A prolific creator, her best identified work is In reminiscence of Her: A Feminist Theological Reconstruction of Christian Origins (London 1983) which entails a section on �The Sophia-God of Jesus and the discipleship of females.� For her, the imperative quandary for interpretation is that of securing justice and freedom for all. A contemporary publication, wisdom approaches: Introducing Feminist Biblical Interpretation (new york, 2001) argues that �engaging in a feminist biblical spirituality . . . Approach studying find out how to learn/comprehend the bible from the standpoint of a feminist concept of justice and a feminist movement for change.� Biblical interpretation is particularly a software for becoming conscious of structures of domination, which must then be abolished. Feminist biblical scholars are usually not mere lecturers, they’re a part of a social movement for emancipation. Every reader need to study tips on how to �discern the spirits�, or appear at biblical texts and establish their existence-giving or loss of life-dealing functions in one of a kind contexts. She rejects a dichotomous hermeneutical mannequin of working out/application. Readers of the Bible have to abandon lengthy-held convictions such as the view �that G*d has written it�. Any interpretation must be judged as to �whether it is empowering to wo/guys in their struggles for survival and transformation.� knowledge approaches acknowledges that the equations men = oppressors and females = oppressed are too simplistic. Fiorenza is valuable of �kyriocentric� language as discovered within the Bible, as this aspects to an oppression of poor/black men as good as of females. Accordingly she designates oppressed men as wo/guys � (honorary ladies); such oppressed men she designates �subaltans.�
5 Phyllis Trible
Phyllis Trible is Professor of biblical experiences at Wake woodland university Divinity college. In God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality (Philadelphia, 1978), she maintained that the feminine standpoint on religion had been obscured due to the fact that of centuries of male interpretation, and have got to be recovered. She traces out the �womb/compassion� metaphor for God, which facets to Biblical feminine imagery for God. She also highlighted these heroines in Scripture who project patriarchal tradition (eg. The Hebrew midwives in Exodus). In Texts of Terror (Philadelphia, 1984) she developed a �hermeneutic of remembrance� to pay tribute to four abused ladies of the Bible, even as straight difficult the misogyny of the writer of the texts, and of God, in what she views as their disparagement of those victims. She believes that these terrible money owed need to be grappled with �and not using a compassionate God to avoid wasting us�. She observes that the ghastly story of the rape and dismemberment of the unnamed Levite�s concubine is adopted via the reviews of Ruth and Hannah, which will have to �show both the Almighty and the male institution a better manner�, as if the Almighty was in one way or the other implicated alongside the �male establishment� within the atrocities unleashed on the concubine.

6 Sallie McFague
Sallie McFague is the exceptional Theologian in house at Vancouver university of Theology. In items of God (1988), she argued that the Scriptural metaphors for God (King, Ruler, Lord, Father) must be discarded considering the fact that they are hierarchical and �dying-dealing�. More suitable for our time is a monist and panentheist metaphor � �the arena as God�s physique�. God and the universe are one. The universe will not be the creation of a transcendent God. Realizing God is with regards to her physique (the universe), and loving her is serving the universe. McFague proposes making use of the terms mom, lover and buddy for God. Within the body of God: An ecological Theology (1993) she argues that human possession of nuclear energy, the power to destroy, �makes indefensible the view of a bygone age where God is known as externally involving and sovereign over the world.�

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