Can green hydrogen play a significant role in stopping or at least slowing down global warming?

Topic: Can green hydrogen play a significant role in stopping or at least slowing down global warming?

You may focus on any aspect of the topic that interests you: major companies; the practices in specific countries; specific technologies that you think may be more productive than others; etc.

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Can green hydrogen play a significant role in stopping or at least slowing down global warming?
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Structure of the paper:

After an initial introduction, you should discuss the drivers of the renewable energy investment story that we have reviewed in class , and any others that you think are significant. We have discussed, or will discuss, in class: global warming (also called climate change); pollution and its role in pushing investment in renewable energy; the amount of money likely to be in play; government regulations—national, state/regional, or municipal–and subsidies which may favor (or disadvantage) investment in renewable energy; the potential in particular countries, including developing countries, for investment in green hydrogen; comparative costs of renewable and fossil fuel technologies; the element of belief, sometimes called dreams, in major investment shifts, e.g., whether the green hydrogen story is part of the dream of the circular economy; the impact of the covid 19 pandemic; and the potential role of millions of electric car owners as a lobbying force to shift the world into a re-thinking of energy and pollution—including shifting into the use of green hydrogen.

You should then discuss examples of successful (and/or unsuccessful) hydrogen installations. Explain the technology, and whether or not it has wide application throughout the world. Discuss at least one major company in this field. Make sure that you discuss the costs of this technology and whether or not it has a cost advantage over other renewable energy technologies.

You should conclude your paper with a recommendation (to a major company or a big investor) on whether to invest or not in green hydrogen.

Your paper must be fully documented, as discussed in class. Papers without documentation will receive no grade and the course grade will be INC.

Under no circumstances should you infringe the copyright on published material. Setting aside all ethical issues, it is now fully detectable using the internet.

Hear are the references that should be used at least 5 max

Attached Files:
Ghana University sewage plant 2010.pdf (422.371 KB)
1507-1638-1-PB fishing eez map on page 2.pdf (988.997 KB)
2015Q2r1_ETOGAS_company_presentation.pdf (2.046 MB)
2015Q2r1_ETOGAS_company_presentation.pdf (2.046 MB)
40591.Offshore.Wind.Energy.Research.on.Environmental.Impacts.pdf (10.025 MB)
Biggest Wave Yet of U.S. Oil Defaults Looms as Bust Intensifies Bloomberg 2016 02 25.docx (62.115 KB)
Bill Gates unveils massive green-energy plan at start of climate talks 2015 11 30.docx (54.646 KB)
Biogas Ferry Planned for Denmark 2013.docx (97.337 KB)
Biogasrapport (EN) from sludge, using small scale plants 2011.pdf (3.226 MB)
Biojet fuel approval soon for 30% and 70% blends 1st commercial test flight with Alaska Airlines 2016 03 29.docx (180.365 KB)
Booming Wind Business Ignores Oil Slump as Market Values Double Bloom 2016 02 16.docx (266.506 KB)
Cadillac plug in hybrid Greencarcongress 2016 02 20.docx (1.088 MB)
Capital Costs of Producing Jet Fuel at Sea ADA539765.pdf (2.306 MB)
Consortium to build Portuguese floating wind farm 2015 01 20.docx (274.328 KB)
Copper miners pin hopes on electric cars as China falters FT 2016 04 08.docx (81.207 KB)
Corsican and other island elect costs CSPE Report 2014 1410_CSPE[1].pdf (3.01 MB)
Cost of Hywind Siemens Scotland floating turbine project costs Le Monde 2015 11 03.docx (20.488 KB)
Direct Air Capture of CO2 American Physics Society Report dac2011.pdf (1.247 MB)
EDF finance chief quits over decision to push on with Hinkley Point FT 2016 03 07.docx (119.806 KB)
eez for mediterranean (1) fishing.pdf (1.126 MB)
Eurogas_Statistical_Report_2014.pdf (2.109 MB)
Even oil barons are giving up on fossil fuels FT 2016 04 03.docx (124.402 KB)
Experiences_with_biogas_in_Denmark 2014.pdf (1.033 MB)
Extracting CO2 from seawater renewable liguid fuel CAC_12_12_Eisaman.pdf (2.384 MB)
floating concrete wind turbine to halve generation costs 2015 11 07.docx (73.355 KB)
Floating offshore wind cost level with fixed by 2025, says Statoil 2016 01 19.docx (26.903 KB)
Floating offshore wind cost level with fixed by 2025, says Statoil 2016 01 19.docx (26.903 KB)
floating wind turbines 2015 NREL report.pdf (6.103 MB)
France aims to be expert in floating technology 2015 07 30.docx (619.448 KB)
France to pave 1000km of roads with solar panels.docx (123.619 KB)
France’s Engie, partners unveil floating wind plan for Mediterranean 2016 04 05.docx (57.337 KB)
Free zones Benefits and costs OECD.docx (30.767 KB)
FT saying batteries my cut oil use by mid 2020s 2016 02 28.docx (90.317 KB)
GHAA_MAR Statoil Japan Hywind project.pdf (2.312 MB)
GSF ECA Brochure_web comparison of low carbon ship technologies.pdf (803.371 KB)
high-speed H2 fuel cell passenger ferry and world’s largest H2 refueling station 2015 07 15.docx (31.491 KB)
Hywind– MacGregor wins wiring subcontract 2015 11 27.docx (25.778 KB)
Ideol seals Japan floater pact with Hitachi Zosen 2015 06 17.docx (312.609 KB)
IEA Bioenergy Task 37 Country Report Summary 2014 (1).pdf (3.798 MB)
IGU Biogas Report 2015.pdf (18.255 MB)
irena_re_power_costs_2014_report.pdf (18.186 MB)
Jan 2016 Oil and Gas Outlook.pdf (1.63 MB)
La bactérie mangeuse de plastique qui pourrait sauver la planète Les Echos 2016 03 12.docx (182.049 KB)
Lazard levelized-cost-of-energy-v100 (2).pdf (515.034 KB)
Methanol Plant Iceland, George Olah CO2 to Renewable Methanol Plant Iceland.docx (25.346 KB)
Methanol, the marine fuel of the future per-stefenson.pdf (936.47 KB)
MHI Vestas 8.0 MW turbine contracted cost with installation.docx (24.757 KB)
Nordic_sludge.pdf (1.997 MB)
NRL Fuel from Sea Water Concept wins Popular Science award.docx (141.37 KB)
Oil Slump Seen Delaying pid-49172148-dt-content-rid-392768574_1/xid-392768574_180 Billion Worth of Developments Bloomberg 2016 01 13.docx (27.108 KB)
One hundred passengers and zero emissions pdf on Hamburg ship.pdf (1,000.086 KB)
One hundred passengers and zero emissions pdf on Hamburg ship.pdf (1,000.086 KB)
Paris Climate Deal Seen Costing 12 Trillion Bloomberg 2106 01 29.docx (135.059 KB)
rapport_synthese_audit_2014_PFC_AE_RMC_27-03-15 audit of sewage treatments in France–no Corse.pdf (977.186 KB)
renewable jet fuel United Airlines begins commercial-scale use of renewable jet fuel; 15M gallons over 3-year period 2016 03 11.docx (88.681 KB)
re_technologies_cost_analysis-wind_power IRENA report.pdf (2.329 MB)
Rosneft breaks even at > per barrel FT 2016 03 31.docx (94.662 KB)
Samso Ferry – Technoeconomic Investigation of LNG to BNG Transition (1) 2015 08 21.pdf (769.369 KB)
Samsoe-Ferry-Fuelled-by-LNG-Maskinmesteren-Sept2015-.pdf (3.941 MB)
Saudi Arabia Plans a Trillion Megafund for Post-Oil Era says Deputy Crown Prince 2016 04 01.docx (227.898 KB)
Scale Model WWII Craft Takes Flight with Fuel From the Sea Concept 2014 04 07.docx (30.35 KB)
Schneider Ecoblade Battery announced at COP21 At Lower Cost Than Tesla 2016 02 26.docx (402.442 KB)
Shipping Law and the Marine Environment in the 21st Century (1).pdf (118.806 KB)
Statoil launches Batwind 1MWh battery storage for pilot offshore wind project 2 minutes of electricity storage 2016 03 23.docx (153.761 KB)
Statoil mulls coastal turbines off Ireland 2016 02 21.docx (361.984 KB)
technology_data_for_advanced_bioenergy_fuels Denmark 2013.pdf (2.074 MB)
The Shale Reckoning Comes to Oklahoma Bloomberg 2016 03 10.docx (71.04 KB)
The Shale Reckoning Comes to Oklahoma Bloomberg 2016 03 10.docx (71.04 KB)
The_truth_about_CO2_emissions_in_the_wine_industry_April_2009_223.pdf (76.365 KB)
U.S. Navy Wants to Fuel Ships Using Seawater.docx (26.846 KB)
Viking Grace LNG Ferry Miljödokument 2015 ENG.pdf (506.418 KB)
Volvo Cars new V90 wagon PHEV 31-mile electric range Greencarcongress 2016 02 16.docx (244.536 KB)
Wastewater_biogas_grey_web-1 (2).pdf (604.749 KB)
Wattway Colas Solar Road.docx (25.728 KB)
WEO2015SpecialReportonEnergyandClimateChange.pdf (5.338 MB)
windfloat-public-session-by-joao-maciel-of-edp-inovacao.pdf (7.152 MB)
Zero emission synfuel from seawater 2015.docx (683.273 KB)
Documents for energy and transportation No.2
Attached Files:
2020 03 18 Bloomberg Green Projects Could Pull Economies Out of The Coronavirus Slump – Bloomberg.pdf (188.476 KB)
2020 03 20 Bloomberg Tens of Thousands Are Getting Laid Off in U.S. Shale Patch – Bloomberg.pdf (186.554 KB)
2020 03 20 FT Saudi Arabia to double debt in virus and low oil price fight _ Financial Times.pdf (349.371 KB)
2020 03 20 Bloomberg Total Moves Ahead With Green Power Push Despite Market Turmoil – Bloomberg.pdf (117.611 KB)
99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says – Bloomberg.pdf (207.905 KB)
FT 2020 03 12 Will the coronavirus trigger a corporate debt crisis_ _ Financial Times.pdf (2.253 MB)
2020 03 20 FT Opec discusses output cuts with US producers _ Financial Times.pdf (127.097 KB)
2020 03 20 Bloomberg Enel CEO Says Cheap Oil May Accelerate Green Energy Shift – Bloomberg.pdf (127.891 KB)
2020 03 20 NYT Opinion _ Is Our Fight Against Coronavirus Worse Than the Disease_ – The New York Times.pdf (134.739 KB)
2020 01 29 Bloomberg ESG Funds are Beating the Market.pdf (856.394 KB)
2020 03 21 FT Coronavirus patient shows encouraging immune system fightback _ Financial Times.pdf (630.486 KB)
2020 03 21 FT Corporate borrowing costs soar amid default fears _ Financial Times.pdf (578.487 KB)
2020 03 21 WP U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic – The Washington Post.pdf (167.7 KB)
S&P 500 Drop Casts Eyes on Technical Level Another 11% Down – Bloomberg.pdf (951.594 KB)
Bloomberg 2020 03 13 U.K. Wind-Farm U-Turn Avoids Possible Pitfall in London Court .pdf (163.262 KB)
Bloomberg 2020 03 13 Houston green transformation.pdf (562.405 KB)
2020 03 09 Bloomberg Shale’s New Reality_ Almost All Wells Drilled Now Lose Money – Bloomberg.pdf (264.502 KB)
IEA Offshore Wind Outlook 2019_ World Energy Outlook Special Report.pdf (7.466 MB)
FT 2020 03 02 Johnson revives onshore wind farms after 4-year ban _ Financial Times.pdf (420.822 KB)
FT 2020 03 09 US oil_junk bonds_ busts to show folly of last reboot _ Financial Times.pdf (279.339 KB)
2020 03 GM Says Its Battery Is the Android-Style Antidote to Tesla’s iPhone – Bloomberg.pdf (217.458 KB)
2020 03 08 Bloomberg Saudis Plan Big Oil Output Hike, Beginning All-Out Price War – Bloomberg.pdf (372.856 KB)
FT 2020 03 Russia breaks Opec oil alliance as it takes on US shale _ Financial Times.pdf (1.101 MB)
Orsted FT 2020 02 04 the first green energy supermajor_ _ Financial Times.pdf (731.936 KB)
Bloomberg 2020 03 06 OPEC+ Talks Collapse, Blowing Hole in Russia-Saudi Alliance – Bloomberg.pdf (903.435 KB)
Lex in depth_ the a00bn cost of ‘stranded energy assets’ _ Financial Times.pdf (2.787 MB)
Coronavirus Latest_ Feces May Be Hidden Risk of Virus’s Spread – Bloomberg.pdf (2.939 MB)
2020 04 20 Bloomberg Oil Plunges Below Zero for First Time With May Contract Ending – Bloomberg.pdf (173.427 KB)
2020 03 26 Bloomberg Liebreich_ Covid-19 – The Low-Carbon Crisis _ BloombergNEF.pdf (208.722 KB)
FT 2020 04 19 Idle North Sea oil rigs point to fresh crisis _ Financial Times.pdf (599.644 KB)
This Time Is Different for Yield Curve_ They Said That Last Time – Bloomberg.pdf (2.181 MB)
Peak Car – Bloomberg.pdf (1.573 MB)
Vestas Leads ‘Big Four’ Turbine Makers For Onshore Wind – North American Windpower.pdf (199.987 KB)
Agora_SynKost_Study_EN_WEB (1).pdf (2.976 MB)
McKinsey How battery storage can help charge the electric-vehicle market _ McKinsey.pdf (445.283 KB)
McKinsey How electric vehicles could change the load curve _ McKinsey.pdf (1.352 MB)
McKinsey The global electric-vehicle market is amped up and on the rise _ McKinsey.pdf (583.944 KB)
Bloomberg Before the Electric Car Takes Over, Someone Needs to Reinvent the Battery – Bloomberg.pdf (2.294 MB)
Iraq’s city of black gold pays a high price for petrodollars _ Financial Times.pdf (436.838 KB)
PP Presentation Robert Bell.pptx (6.818 MB)
nano catalyst CO2 to ethanol.pdf (1.929 MB)
renewable-projects-references—grid-balancing-and-ptg.pdf (2.622 MB)
p2g projects for review (1) thesis.pdf (2.912 MB)
power to gas 2016 review of projects.pdf (1.057 MB)
aviation CO2 market based solutions.docx (166.567 KB)
Ceres SOFC for Nissan car.docx (146.552 KB)
study electrolyser_0-Logos_0 2014.pdf (3.928 MB)
TechnologyRoadmapHydrogenandFuelCells (1).pdf (4.91 MB)
World-Energy-Scenarios-2016_Full-Report.pdf (2.516 MB)
etogas_power-to-sng_datasheet_en_rev1.pdf (1.462 MB)
Joule Unlimited merger job losses.docx (213.515 KB)
Finn Fuels from Solar & CO2 from Air .docx (348.132 KB)
First plant fuel from solar Finland .docx (256.186 KB) reactor.docx (360.261 KB)
SOLETAIR_Energiapäivät.pdf (3.114 MB)
Electric Cars Could Take an OPEC.docx (196.81 KB)
GEORG CRI WSA 2013-04-17 Recycling of Geothermal Carbon and Sulfur.pdf (1.394 MB)
BMW Sees Battery Costs Causing Years of ‘Tears’ on E.docx (237.796 KB)
Vestas bypasses Trump.docx (1.134 MB)
Tesla’s Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass .docx (1.407 MB)
BYD, World’s Biggest Electric Car Maker, Looks Nothing Like Tesla – Bloomberg.pdf (3.652 MB)
<8 Billion Electric-Car Bubble at Risk of Bursting in China – Bloomberg.pdf (1.707 MB)
conversion table normal m3 of CH4.docx (28.322 KB)
Electric Vehicle Battery Shrinks and So Does the Total Cost – Bloomberg.pdf (216.044 KB)
Ford partnering with Solid Power to develop solid.docx (87.971 KB)
Biogas for Road Vehicles_ Technology brief.pdf (2.257 MB)
Shell faces shareholder push on climate change goals.pdf (503.147 KB)
Offshore oil industry suppliers fight to be fit for frugal future .docx (230.025 KB)
These Four Power Giants Rule the World’s Growing Wind Market .docx (127.078 KB)
Floating Offshore Wind Farm Shapes Up As Trump Clamps Down.docx (162.961 KB) (1.176 MB)
How Did Climate and Clean Energy Programs Fare in the 2018 Federal Budget_ – Union of Concerned Scientists.htm (197.038 KB)
2020 03 25 Fed taps BlackRock to manage bond purchases _ Financial Times.pdf (434.676 KB)
2020 03 25 Fed taps BlackRock to manage bond purchases _ Financial Times.pdf (434.676 KB)
2020 03 31 Shell secures <2bn credit facility to safeguard dividend _ Financial Times.pdf (232.846 KB)
2020 04 01 FT Shale group Whiting files for Chapter 11 _ Financial Times.pdf (651.349 KB)
2020 04 16 Bloomberg Electric Vehicles Buoyed by a Backlog and Fresh Air.docx (134.506 KB)
2020 04 18 Banks tighten commodity loans.docx (117.973 KB)
2020 04 20 NYT Coronavirus Doom North Sea Oil?_ – The New York Times.pdf (24.603 MB)
2020 04 20 Oil Plunges Below Zero for First Time in Unprecedented Wipeout – Bloomberg.pdf (173.522 KB)
2020 04 25 Belgium Covid 19 death rate Bloomberg.pdf (244.479 KB)
2020 04 27 FT How Goldman’s vampire squid gave way to BlackRock _ Financial Times.pdf (345.464 KB)
2020 04 27 In Global Coronavirus Energy Slump, Coal is the Biggest Loser – Bloomberg.pdf (349.789 KB)
2020 04 30 Bloomberg Carmakers Go From Shunning Electric Bets to Fueling Tesla Profit – Bloomberg.pdf (95.679 KB)
2020 04 30FT Shell cuts dividend for first time since second world war _ Financial Times.pdf (359.989 KB)
2020 05 01 FT Biggest US energy groups lay out oil crash strategy _ Financial Times.pdf (456.801 KB)
2020 05 01 FT Shell dividend cut puts Big Oil investment case in focus _ Financial Times.pdf (917.103 KB)
2020 05 02 Bloomberg Tesla Applies for U.K. Electricity Provider License_ Telegraph – Bloomberg.pdf (63.749 KB)
2020 05 03 FT Pandemic crisis offers glimpse into oil industry’s future _ Free to read _ Financial Times.pdf (2.56 MB)
2020 05 06 Bloomberg Fink Delivers Grim Outlook With Tax Hikes for Corporate America – Bloomberg.pdf (166.974 KB)
2020 05 10 Bloomberg Negative Oil Prices Are Positive For Clean Power – Bloomberg.pdf (261.785 KB)
Africa–Commercial Biogas Systems.pdf (755.585 KB)
AME Wind Power Mar18 1.2.pdf (8.085 MB)
Aramco’s Big Reveal_ What We Learned About the Saudi Oil Giant – Bloomberg.pdf (602.145 KB)
Billund Biorefinery _ Veolia Water Technologies.pdf (485.736 KB)
Biogas production in Europe powerpoint.pdf (5.957 MB)
Biogas_ Developments in Europe 2017.pdf (1.191 MB)
Bloomberg- Oil Exit No-Brainer for Norway Wealth Fund, Amundi’s Samama Says – Bloomberg.pdf (478.418 KB)
BNEF 2020 02 Sector Coupling.pdf (2.172 MB)
Copenhagen Wants to Show How Cities Can Fight Climate Change – The New York Times.pdf (8.982 MB)
Electricity prices slump as businesses close across the US _ Financial Times.pdf (1.328 MB)
EU Bank Takes ‘Quantum Leap’ to End Fossil-Fuel Financing – Bloomberg.pdf (473.132 KB)
FT 2020 03 08 Oil price war spells danger for US junk bonds _ Financial Times.pdf (70.116 KB)
FT 2020 04 05 Oil majors raise pid-49172149-dt-content-rid-392768465_1/xid-392768465_12bn of debt to weather crisis _ Financial Times.pdf (987.641 KB)
FT 2020 04 13 BlackRock to advise EU on green regulation for banks _ Financial Times.pdf (85.103 KB)
FT 2020 04 16 ConocoPhillips slashes oil output and spending plans _ Financial Times.pdf (70.706 KB)
FT 2020 04 17 Why we may have already seen the peak in oil demand _ Financial Times.pdf (106.23 KB)
FT Arundhati Roy_ ‘The pandemic is a portal’ _ Free to read _ Financial Times.pdf (8.265 MB)
FT How coronavirus stalled climate change momentum _ Financial Times.pdf (5.424 MB)
FT US oil price below zero for first time in history _ Financial Times.pdf (429.285 KB)
GE deploys wind power to rebuild earnings.pdf (644.122 KB)
Ghana University sewage plant 2010.pdf (422.371 KB)
HVDC EU report intercon_report_v03.pdf (7.511 MB)
IEA- biogas role in circular economy.pdf (2.111 MB)
Investors Should Worry If Climate Goals Are Missed, Mercer Warns – Bloomberg.pdf (126.586 KB)
Investors starve US shale drillers of capital _ Financial Times.pdf (1.282 MB)
IRENA 2017 Geothermal power_ Technology brief.pdf (3.989 MB)
Larry Fink’s Letter to CEOs _ BlackRock.pdf (623.766 KB)
Norway Deals Blow to Oil Industry That’s Fast Losing Friends – Bloomberg.pdf (2.52 MB)
Norwegian soverign weath fund founder A Wealth Fund Pioneer Targets Credit Markets to Save the Planet – Bloomberg.pdf (3.316 MB)
Pilot-Scale Anaerobic Co-Digestion of the OFMSW_ Improving Biogas Production and Startup.pdf (6.266 MB)
Plunge protection meeting 2020 03 10.docx (96.427 KB)
re 100.docx (14.132 MB)
Recycling-More U.S. Cities Stop Recycling – The New York Times.pdf (1.144 MB)
Report- Offshore Wind Could Power East Coast ‘For Decades To Come’ .docx (163.825 KB)
Siemens Gamesa Successfully Implements ‘Ro.docx (226.149 KB)
Statoil- Not enough renewable projects around, Equinor boss tells politicians _ Reuters.pdf (686.793 KB)
Sustainable-Energy-in-America-2018-Factbook (1).pdf (3.733 MB)
Sweden 2018 – more-efficient-use-of-biogas-at-waste-water-treatment-plants-energiforskrapport-2018-476 (1).pdf (2.472 MB)
Sweden 2018 national-biogas-strategy-2_0.pdf (12.963 MB)
Sweden- Wastewater treatment .docx (32.152 KB)
Sweden’s largest biomethane producer _ Bioenergy International.pdf (525.285 KB)
Swedish biogas handbook 2008.pdf (426.271 KB)
Texas_ how the home of US oil and gas fell in love with solar power _ Financial Times.pdf (3.175 MB)
Text – H.Res.109 – 116th Congress (2019-2020)_ Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal. _ _ Library of Congress.pdf (132.546 KB)
The Battery Will Kill Fossil Fuels—It’s Only a Matter of Time .docx (120.627 KB)
Total keeps dividend and sets climate goal despite profit plunge _ Financial Times.pdf (422.87 KB)
UNEP Sovereign Wealth Funds 12-2017.pdf (1.303 MB)
Vestas–How Viet Nam deal was financed.pdf (810.865 KB)
What is the yield curve and why has it spooked investors_ _ Financial Times.pdf (141.025 KB)
Why Charging Your Electric Car at Night Could Save the World .docx (888.774 KB)
WP Want a Green New Deal_ Here’s a better one. – The Washington Post.pdf (114.471 KB)
electric buses2-technology-foresighting-report-final-1 (1).pdf (2.616 MB)
EnergyStorage_Shinnar_Poster CUNY.pdf (201.039 KB)
Grantham Inst CTI_Imperial Low carbon disruptive.pdf (9.018 MB)
Hard parts supplier Rheinmetall electrification to account for half of sales in 2020 .docx (261.948 KB)
High-temperature thermal storage using a packed bed of rocks – Heat transfer analysis and experimental validation (PDF Download Available).htm (546.249 KB) (842.838 KB) .docx (862.833 KB)
Kelvin-Storage-Overview-Brochure.pdf (3.575 MB)
McPhy fire 2013 03 15 Drôme.docx (124.788 KB)
Natural Magnetite for thermal energy storage_ Excellent thermophysical properties, reversible latent heat transition and controlled thermal conductivity.htm (452.313 KB)
New CO2 fuels presentation (1) 2011.pdf (1.138 MB)
new flow battery designed to outlast lithium .docx (277.285 KB)
new flow battery designed to outlast lithium .docx (277.285 KB)
NewCO2Fuels presentation – 151021 DS5a_161119 _JK (2) (1).pdf (14.758 MB) (56.928 KB)
Peter Klein 0503204R PhD Thesis.pdf (12.256 MB)
Shinnar H2 article.pdf (161.479 KB)
Siemens eyes low-cost long-duration energy storage with new thermal system _ Energy Storage Update.htm (156.675 KB)
Siemens Tests Breakthrough Thermal Storage System for Wind .docx (427.888 KB)
Solar-Thermal-Electricity-Global-Outlook-2016 (1).pdf (8.281 MB)
Temperature Of Steam In A Turbine .docx (135.017 KB)
The Great Nevada Lithium Rush to Fuel the New Economy.docx (15.929 MB)
Working_Paper_Electric_Buses.pdf (1.355 MB)
2016-World-Energy-Resources-E-storage-wind-and-solar-presentation-World-Energy-Council (2).pdf (1.847 MB)
CO2 as fluid.dotx (435.927 KB)
direct conversion of CO2 into ethanol.docx (283.885 KB)
electrolyzer suppliers in Europe (1).pdf (2.395 MB)
2020 08 06 FT Breaking down BP’s clean-energy pivot _ Financial Times.pdf (1.377 MB)
2020 08 16 Bloomberg Oil Companies Wonder If It’s Worth Looking for Oil Anymore – Bloomberg.pdf (671.46 KB)
IEA World Energy Investment 2020.pdf (2.635 MB)
2020 05 EU Covid-19_ Green Stimulus Bloomberg.pdf (343.029 KB)
2020 08 10 FT Equinor_Anders Opedal_ house of the four winds _ Financial Times.pdf (586.654 KB)
2020 08 11 FT Australia aims to become renewable energy export superpower _ Financial Times.pdf (618.139 KB)
2019 11 european-green-deal-communication_en.pdf (548.188 KB)
2020 07 EU Q&A_ A Hydrogen Strategy.pdf (110.056 KB)
2020 06 22 FT US shale companies face pid-49172149-dt-content-rid-393214849_1/xid-393214849_100bn in writedowns in Q2 _ Financial Times.pdf (583.205 KB)
Chevron <.3bn loss after >.2bn in charges _ Financial Times.pdf (248.671 KB)
2020 08 13 Bloomberg Chevron Keeps Drilling for Oil as Its Rivals Embrace Renewables – Bloomberg.pdf (5.286 MB)
2020 08 04 FT Parched US shale patch crushes oilfield services sector _ Financial Times.pdf (738.395 KB)
2020 08 09 FT Saudi Aramco sticks to dividend pledge despite plunge in earnings _ Financial Times.pdf (352.837 KB)
2020 08 18 Defusing tensions in the eastern Mediterranean _ Financial Times.pdf (480.824 KB)
2020 08 18 FT Oil traders should pay attention to Biden’s little green Corvette _ Financial Times.pdf (1.279 MB)
2020 08 18 FT BHP responds to investor pressure with thermal coal exit _ Financial Times.pdf (737.338 KB)
2020 08 18 FT BHP_environment_ coal hole _ Financial Times.pdf (442.014 KB)
2020 08 17 FT Biden gambles on placing climate change at heart of US energy policy _ Financial Times.pdf (4.742 MB)
Trump considers fast-tracking UK Covid-19 vaccine before US election _ Financial Times.pdf (476.669 KB)
2020 08 24 Bloomberg Virus Era Threatens Europe’s War on Dirty Imports – Bloomberg.pdf (301.683 KB)
2020 08 25 Bloomberg Clean Electricity Mini-Grids Can Help World’s Poorest Access Energy – Bloomberg.pdf (256.508 KB)
2020 08 25 FT McLaren flags end of road for petrol engines by 2030 _ Financial Times.pdf (1.055 MB)
2020 08 25 Bloomberg Trump Promised a Coal Comeback But America’s Miners Need an Energy Revolution – Bloomberg.pdf (2.677 MB)
2020 08 23 FT Carbon trading_ the ‘one-way’ bet for hedge funds _ Financial Times.pdf (2.376 MB)
2020 08 25 Bloomberg Coronavirus vaccine_ Fauci warns against premature authorization – CNNPolitics.pdf (322.484 KB)
2020 08 25 NYT Fauci Says Rushing Out a Vaccine Could Jeopardize Testing of Others – The New York Times.pdf (86.286 KB)
2020 08 26 H2 plane Eighty Years After Hindenburg, Startup Pitches Hydrogen Flight – Bloomberg.pdf (173.963 KB)
2020 08 25 FT ExxonMobil booted from the Dow after close to a century _ Financial Times.pdf (67.782 KB)
2020 08 25 FT Norway oil fund chief drama has exposed weaknesses in country’s model _ Financial Times.pdf (517.022 KB)
2020 09 FT The electric vehicle revolution_ Cornwall tries to revive its lithium mines _ Financial Times.pdf (3.182 MB)
2020 09 07 NYT Saudi Court Issues Final Verdicts in Khashoggi Killing – The New York Times.pdf (98.062 KB)
2020 09 08 WP Records shed light on online harassment of Jamal Khashoggi before his killing – The Washington Post.pdf (87.369 KB)
2020 09 04 FT SoftBank unmasked as ‘Nasdaq whale’ that stoked tech rally _ Financial Times.pdf (487.641 KB)
2020 09 09 FT Tullow warns of default risk as it slumps to loss _ Financial Times.pdf (331.045 KB)
2020 09 10 Bloomberg Department Store Century 21 Files Bankruptcy, Will Shut Down – Bloomberg.pdf (788.502 KB)
2020 09 13 FT BP’s Looney stakes future on producing less oil _ Financial Times.pdf (531.48 KB)
2020 09 15 Bloomberg Peak Oil_ BP, Shell, Eni Lead Big Oil’s Search for New Business – Bloomberg.pdf (451.374 KB)
2020 11 11 FT Trouble flares for US energy upstart Tellurian _ Financial Times.pdf (1.202 MB)
2020 09 14 FT US oil refiners hope fat is way out of lean times _ Financial Times.pdf (806.445 KB)
2020 09 15 FT Hitachi set to pull out of nuclear project in blow to UK climate ambitions _ Financial Times.pdf (1.69 MB)
2020 09 15 FT US shale producers bleed cash despite slashed spending _ Financial Times.pdf (589.554 KB)
2020 09 21 Bloomberg Airbus Unveils Hydrogen Designs for Zero-Emission Flight – Bloomberg.pdf (450.317 KB)
2020 09 22 Bloomberg Battery Revolution Prepares to Take on Noisy Construction Sites – Bloomberg.pdf (303.346 KB)
2020 09 22 NYT U.S. and European Oil Giants Go Different Ways on Climate Change – The New York Times.pdf (3.085 MB)
2020 09 22 CNN Tel Aviv set to become first city with electric recharging roads – CNN.pdf (232.219 KB)
2020 10 01 Bloomberg Coronavirus Has Propelled Us Into the Future of Electricity – Bloomberg.pdf (185.616 KB)
2020 10 05 Bloomberg Green Ammonia for Fertilizer Coming From Offshore Wind Developer Orsted – Bloomberg.pdf (182.968 KB)
2020 10 06 Green Hydrogen Industry In Spain Set to Be On Par With France and Germany – Bloomberg.pdf (191.544 KB)
2020 10 09 Bloomberg Porsche, Ferrari Cars Face >9,000 Gas Guzzlers Tax in France – Bloomberg.pdf (364.093 KB)
ec 2020 _hydrogen-factsheet.pdf (215.028 KB)
2020 10 13 from FT How the IEA sees the future of energy _ Financial Times.pdf (756.688 KB)
2020 10 03 CNN ZEROe_ Will Airbus’s zero-carbon airplane take off_ _ CNN Travel.pdf (5.809 MB)

Link for my speech at Cop21:

New heat storage technology:

Another new heat storage technology:


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